Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello Family,
     Glad everything is going well! pretty excited about the new baby i dont know ha. its about time theres one that looks like a Dalton. i was getting worried. anyways, this week was pretty good. we got some potentials as usual but some look promising. we'll see on the go back. we need to find some solids real quick since we got no one to teach now. which is actually the best part about the week. Susan was baptized yesterday in the morning and confirmed right after that in sacrament meeting. prettty cool. she's definately ready and is going to be a great asset in the kingdom. its nice to know it for sure this time. haha. it was a really good baptism too. everything went well and a lot of the ward came to support which was awesome, cause thats not always the case from what ive heard and seen. the new bishop is all about missionary work though so things should be picking up soon hopefully. tomorrow(tuesday) is transfers but niether of us are going anywhere. we're both gonna be here for christmas and all that stuff. which is cool with me! theres a lot to be done out here. the whole excuse that the south is a dead zone is bull. i mean its not a baptize everyweek kinda place but theres definately people to be taught. eventually we'll figure out where they all are. haha. anyways, have a good week! Glad all is well. love ya.
Elder Dalton
for the gifts, i think i'd just rather have the boot money put into my account. the music thing really isnt that huge of a deal. and we found some little speaker thing that works well for 15 bucks at big lots.. as for the ipod! chit chat with joanna on that to make sure she doesnt have a plan with one that she has. whatever works best i dont care. but so you dont both send one. you could also ask her to help you with the music thing. love you all


Hello everyone,
Dude! this one was a rough one to read! especially in a library where there are people around haha. It's wierd having people be proud of me... and its especially wierd to be a good example. haha. Anyways, i did fine it was just rough. I'm pumped for Ryan! I knew it would come eventually, he's a naturally good guy. Just needed to come to the realization. haha. its a wierd phenomenon(if thats spelt right) eventually we get tired of being unhappy to the point that we refuse it. its annoying how it takes time though. it just shows that even the bad has to be done long enough to learn sometimes. timing is everything. good for him. Glad moms surgery went well. I figured it would. how's everything going with the job and everything pops? find a new one? keep the old one? whats the word? anyways, whys the area getting whitewashed? something bad happen? haha. we have transfers on the 11th and my 3 month trainging is over so either one of us could be moving. Probably elder whatcott if anyone but still. that would kinda be a bummer right before christmas but thats life. Susan is getting baptized sunday the 9th. i'm pretty excited for that! shes a rock. amanda has disappeared cause she got offended or something. once we find her she'll be fine but until then not much we can do. i'm just glad i know susans not gonna be that type. shes real. its shows cause shes been anti'd like crazy and it hasnt even phased her. not to mention she doesnt have support from most of her family. She's gonna be great though. It's like shes already a member. makes comments in class and talks to everyone. pretty sweet! we just gotta find some more people to teach now.haha. we've been getting shafted by a lot of potentials. which is fine but annoying. we even knocked on a guys door that didnt exist at the house the next time we went over haha. alright, now mom. dont be so hard on yourself. courage is a pain in the butt. just keep it simple, dont worry about if its the perfect thing, and if you want to get better at following the spirit all you gotta do is practice. i'm not even good at it yet haha, what i have been trying to do though and what i used to do when i was better at it, was just follow my thoughs. if i had a thought to talk to someone about something i would just do it. i'm trying to do that now too. but it's a lot easier to be a missionary when you arent one believe it or not. cause your normal and missionaries arent. another thing. its not your job to teach. just be happy and normal and informative then let the missionaries teach. you'll probably notice that most prompting are just to do or say something nice. then eventually the gospel will come up if you look for the opportunity. Here's what to be prepared for. rejection. haha it sucks no matter what. but it actually doesnt happen very often in the way people think it does. like this. hey wanna go to church? no thanks. alright cool well your welcome anytime. boom done. where you live you'll probably never have a person say something mean. and even if they do who cares. at least your conscience is clear for speaking up. thats actually mosty what i am aiming for. a clear conscience haha. when i dont listen to little thoughts i always feel crappy, but when i just suck it up i feel great. its you all. oh i need face wash and moisturizer. that would be extremely nice. =) Elder Dalton
What a pleasant suprise! It was super good to hear from you. Glad to hear everything is going well. Why the heck did Gpa need a heart stint? better work on that! if you die when i'm gone i'll kill you! glad it went well though. so since your balance is better does that mean you'll be playing basketball again? its like all we play here... i hate it. haha. we play every other day in the mornings as a district so it helps with excercise but its not my best sport. at all. speaking of the temple. i wish i could go to one! we dont have one in our mission however. its super lame. enjoy that for me ok. i love you Gramps.
I could hear your voice when you said you dont let anyone talk for you! haha. made me miss you! i'm glad youre spending so much time at my house since I'm not even there!! lame. So are you keeping grandpa in line? i dont know why i'm asking, of course you are. I Love you!
Have a good week!


yo yo yo,
Thanks giving was good! there really wasnt much difference in the food however, at least not with the two meals i had. pretty much the same. Elder Whatcott and I were trying to find a football game but unfortunately out here, people only watch football. even though they are so huge into it, none of them play it, so lame.glad to hear you all had fun. we got pretty well taken care of. so what stage is grandma dalton in? idk anything about her.i'm glad you got to hang out with joanna a little for the baby shower. well played... haha. Mom Good luck with your surgery. i'm sure it will go well. Dude! i didnt know jay was having a boy! so dope. lucky! its gonna be cool having so many little weiners running around when i get back. i'm sure laura or someone will have a new one by the time i'm home haha. feel free to send me some pictures in the christmas box you'll be sending me. haha. speaking of which. i bought some boots and another special suprise that you'll get to see in my christmas card. but the total was around 150 if you'd like to make that my christmas gift! haha. mostly the boots would be nice. they were a little pricy. my shoes just werent cutting it though. idk what else you could really get me though to be honest. just a thought. Good times.anyways. missionary work.susan is planning on getting baptized this saturday or sunday! heck ya! shes awesome! i'm excited for her. she was so ready for when we got to her. but shes made some big changes. pretty cool. as for other work. its all potentials for now.we'll see if anything picks up. It's hard out here to get people to think haha. they all are aiming for Jesus, and they'll get him, but its hard to get them to see that they need to aim higher. this week has been a lot better with some things i've been learning, i've been able to focus better. I've heard back from jaron remington a couple times which is awesome. love that guy. well have an awesome week. love you all.
Elder Dalton
 Katie how the heck do you have unlimited everything? and how much do you pay for it?what the crap! good job on the water polo by the way. keep it up! dont forget though, youre a girl. so once the cap comes off you gotta go back to that. haha dont be a water polo player 24/7. To many girls didnt understand that played when i was in school ha. love you.