Tuesday, March 26, 2013


dude that kids awesome! little fridge child. it is wierd how old the little ones are getting haha. i dont like it really. my new area is extremely flat. a crap ton of trees and ponds which is both cool and not cool cause theres no distance anywhere. its like living in a box sometimes. the branch is pretty awesome though. lots going on it it and the testimonies of the people who go are very stong for the most part. they are growing so its good. this week the most mentionable thing was that i had the most gross dinner ive had yet on my mission. so nasty. just thinking about it kinda clouds all my other experiences. haha. the coolest thing i guess that happened was on tuesday. we taught a lady the plan of salvation. our second time meeting with her. she kept all her commmitments from the first time by reading the bom a pamphlet and she watched the restoration dvd. she told us she knew it was true and that joseph smith really had the first vision. so awesome. so naturallywe offer baptism.... not cool. she knew it was true but she said she grew up in her pentecostal church and has been rooted there and cannot be uprooted cause she loves it and her pastor. naturally this is saddening. we pretty much told her everything we could but she said she probably doesnt want to learn more for now. so heres the cool part. i was like "ok, so i have to say this cause its my job to bring you closer to Christ and if i dont i'll be leaving you without giving you a full chance. so, you fully understand and realize that you are following satan and a man instead of following Jesus Christ knowing that these things are true?" and she went back into her preacher being so great and all that crap. so we are gonna give her some time and bring some members over there and hopefully she will be able to slowly transistion in. it was just cool to say something so blunt, super sad though that even that didnt work. hopefully its stewing in her soul right now. haha. other than that. we have zone conference starting tomorrow and wednesday. not much else going on. oh we have a baptism this week too on saturday.
love you all.
E. Kyle Dalton


hello family,

dude coach reiter! i miss that guy. is he still coaching the waterpolo team. howd katie do in her meet. good job with the gym. i've stilll been doing insantity and p90x . i messed up my back last night stretching. something well outta place. i felt it haha. its a little better today after insanity so thats good though. katie driving is a scary thought. she bettter drive my truck to keep her out of trouble. theres no where to make out in that thing haha. why do you drive to lugo 4 times everyday? that seems a little excessive. ha.  thats crazy that so many daltons are getting married all at once.  have fun with youth conference. not much has been going on with me. my comp is still cool haha. we've gotten some new investigators this week that should be solid if they take the steps. for some reason it seems like people will be completely in and believe it all and know what it means, but once you ask them to move you can see there high excitement drop from their faces haha. action is not a requirement out here for most churches. oh well, we'll see. we still have a few baptisms coming up soon. probably in the next month we could have 7. if everything goes how it should. maybe more. i think me and my pres are doing ok. haha i havent talked to him in awhile so who knows. it doesnt matter either way. i'm trying to be more obedient so it'll work out either way. i could go for some pinapple upsidown cake right about now. i havent made anything interesting lately. i've been eating a lot of salmon for lunches. i'm excited for saturday cause a lady in our ward is gonna make us chicken and waffles. mmhmm. the foods been pretty good so far. theres some sketchy places we eat at but its all good. i havent gotten sick yet cause i believe in Jesus so its all good. prayer works ha. linger longers are always a good idea. people show up when there's food. its sad. but true. oh, dad. if you dont mind moving to mississippi, i may have found you a job. haha. probably a good one too. my branch president is in industrial building. i told him about you. just saying. well have a good week everyone. good to hear from you. love you all

3/11/13 New Mission Address

hey mom,

the lairds can email me. our mission president just changed the rules so we can email anyone thats not in our mission boundaries. kyle.dalton@myldsmail.net  whats the youth conference gonna be? so you destroyed yourself at the gym huh? haha. you should make sure you stretch definately. i've been doing insanity and p90x so ive been getting pretty flexible compared to how i was. its great haha. the videos always make you stretch before and after the work out. good luck giving out the bom. its fun. theres a lot more adrenaline to it when you arent a missionary and used to doing it. haha. good luck. love you mama. read dads email to get the rest.

The Mission address has changed to:
Elder Kyle Dalton
175 Burnham Road
Brandon, MS 39208


how are ya? being good? becoming athletic? getting good grades? respect yourself! love you

connor, love you man. miss you. go outside and scrape your knees. dont get soft on me.



I heard that rancho was making a mission. thats pretty cool. good to hear your baptism happened. especially good to hear the your missionaries are still working. i wish i could train. it would give me more reason to work hard. its hard sometimes. haha. things are going really good here though. we've got baptisms just showing up. im trying to figure out how to handle all the people we are teaching and need to teach while finding still. its hard in our area cause its sooo huge and spread out. i havent mastered it yet but i think we are closer to figuring out how we want to attack it all. twill be interesting. we have zone conference this month on the 26th so im hoping for a general authority. it always feels good to get rebuked. haha. i need to work on creating relationships myself. i've lost some of it in the business side. any new advice? glad to hear your still working. i know why you are. When did jordan get home? i knew he was due but when was it. as for me. the coolest thing thats happened lately. we were teaching a new member with her inactive family. and she has a schitzophrenic uncle that never talks. and we were teaching her having a hard time explaining what a testimony is, shes ten. and all the sudden her uncle started asking her directive questions explaining what a testimony is. haha it was pretty awesome. weve never heard him do more than mumble before, but he was clear as day. pretty awesome. love ya. have a good week.

E. Dalton

Monday, February 25, 2013


hi family. well it was a good week. got a lot done. found out im getting transferred tomorrow to a place called collins mississippi. apparently its a really small branch with good members so hopefully its all good. im sure it will be. im actually gonna miss this place haha. shocking but true. i wont miss the smell of the paper mill or the brown drinking water but i will miss it. hopefully everything is good at home. we are definately baptizing at least one person on saturday. her names dani we've been teaching her for like a month or two. but shes ready to go. the other guy is kinda unsure but we are hoping he pulls through by saturday. of course i wont be here but its cool that they are going for it anyways. well not much else to talk about so have a good week. hopefully i get a letter from you guys some day. haha love you all. bye

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


hey dad glad the kidney stone is gone! i dont envy you but congratulations on that. are you excercising or is it cause your not healthy from the stone and stuff. either way cool. haha. i recomment insanity. actually you would probably die doing it haha. its sucky. i am getting stonger and more fit though because of it. its been hard though cause for some reason it seems like everyones been wanting to take us out to eat a bunch everyweek. its a blessing and a curse. anyways. wish i could be there for the blessing. life goes on. idk who the redds are i dont think. but cool. was the whole family there? we have 3 baptisms planned for the second but idk if everyones gonna make it that day. we got some distance to go unless some miracles happen. we'll see. love you have a good week.

hi mom.

thanks for doing that for me on vday. thanks to katie too. i really appreciate it. she is pretty great. i hope you didnt spend to much money though cause i'm broke. haha. unless you were planning on helping out ;) i love you! I'm excited for joanna. she seems like shes focused and happy. its awesome. makes me happy. anyways. this week was really good. taught some new and old investigators and i found out that something i said to an investigator has been tugging at his heart for a little while from the other missionaries. its cool to know. im outta time cause the library is about to close but basically good week. and we saw a girl get blown up, not hurt dont worry. elder flint ate it hard mt biking, it was awesome. and thats pretty much it. love you have a good week

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hey family,

Sorry to here life sucks in the dalton family. Hopefully it gets better quick. I don't envy you dad. Haha, that sucks. Good attitude though, keep it up haha. The weather over here has been on and off. It's been really nice lately though. I've been trying to be more healthy too, I'm back to my normal weight haha. I gained like ten pounds but I'm ok now. Me and elder flint actually started insanity today to so I should start getting pretty fit soon. Should be sweet. I take a multivitamin and vitamin c and fish oil everyday. That's all I can afford haha. I'll have to go back and see what janaes sleeping suggestion was cause I don't remember. But yeah, things have been good here. I'm trying harder to keep the rules more fully. We got some new investigators and 3 baptismal dates for march second. Hopefully we can help that happen. I think it will. I may or may not be here though for it cause this transfer is only going to be 5 weeks cause the MTC has to catch up with the new missionaries coming in. So we'll see if I'm here after that. It'll be 6 months soon. Pretty cool. Anyways. Love you guys, have a good week.



so i didnt get a letter. hope everythings ok. i assume its in the draft box or something. if not no biggie. hows the sicknesses? everyone alive and well.
this week has been pretty good for me. we had interviews and found some new investigators. the highlight was interviews by far. i finally got to have a whats the deal talk with my president how i know he didnt trust me and i resented him for it cause i didnt deserve it. haha. thats the very short version of it. but it was really good. we are both what seems to be on the same page now. it has made things go much more smoothly for me. it just feels better to have the burden of it gone. its bothered me for the last 4 months so it was time. anyways. still have 3 baptisms planned. johnny chris and danny. we're also teaching a few other people that hopefully pick up and we can move forward. things have been good. i've also been working out everymorning with e. flint. we've been doing insanity. this is our second week. the first week was horrible but its getting better everyday. feels nice to know i'm not gonna be fat for to much longer haha. anyways. thats pretty much it. have a good week. love you all

Monday, January 28, 2013


hello family,

 glad to hear all is well for the most part. thats to bad about mount sac. guess it wasnt the one. at least some good comes out of your bosses surgery though haha. my new comps name is elder flint. hes a pretty cool dude, so everything is going smooth. idk how well our teaching has come together yet but we havent had any problems and have been getting things done. we have a few more investigators now and another baptismal date. we'll see if its solid or not soon. my teaching skills are whatever. haha. idk what great is but i think i do ok. i cant really tell for myself. you'll have to ask someone who knows ha. i keep up with my new comp just fine thanks. haha we are on the same page so its good. we're both trying to be obedient and trying to do work. last week we mapped out all of the inactives on a big map so we can get them all seen inbetween appointments and tracting. there was 165 of them so it took some time to map and number them but it should make visiting them much more productive cause we can see whos close to where were going and visit a bunch at one time. we did have a cold spell for awhile but its picking back up to warm. the weather has been nice on and off. its cold then warm then cold. its pretty spaztic. i got a new jacket at an auction for 15 bucks. so that was nice. haha we go to pec and ward council. ward council im not sure why but we go do rescueing splits after pec. we just visit whoever seems like they could use some extra attention or inactives. its kinda cool. our new bishop is allll about missionary work so its good. as for the new testament. i'm reading it too. its freaking good. i enjoy it a lot. the wisdom in Christ simplicity is way dope. to me anyways. ive been marking everytime the people are astonished by his doctrine too. its a lot. haha. i'm just trying to figure out how to do it too. i dont really know how to motivate myself to be honest. if im feeling lazy. i just have to get up and go. motivation usually comes through more work. once i talk to someone its usually back up. its just sitting around that makes it worse. i havent been motivated for a few weeks till my comp change. not cause my comp before was bad cause he was awesome. we were both just ready for a change. so theres another motivator. change. find some new scenery or a new way to do it. monotamy is a motivation killer in my book. to be honest too. i dont really care when we dont have anyone to teach as long as we work. haha. that might sound bad, but as long as im trying it doesnt bother me at all. i'm cool with planting seeds. theres really no point in getting down about crap like things not working out with people. its there loss. i just feel bad for them. my struggles come from others that i have to work with mostly. not even the missionaries anymore. haha. or the ward members. but i'll deal with those when the time comes. i havent got to eat anything fun lately but tonight we are having crawfish. i havent had that before so it should be good. i hear its a messy dinner, which means fun i guess? and the car is very very nice haha. especially cause we have a lot of miles. so we can go see people we normally wouldnt be able to. so all and all its been a good week, worked pretty well, helped some people. it was cool. work hard people. especially the little ones. john 7:16-17 its kinda my go to now days. its the only way ive gotten a testimony so i hold onto it haha. love you all. have a good week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


hellooo, i got my new companion yesterday, his name is elder flint. so far hes really cool. hes been out for like 9 months or something.i think itll be good. cause he wants to work hard and so do i. so we are both using it as a chance to kinda restart. should be fun. transfers were nuts this time around and completely unorganized. thus the reason no email on monday, cause pday was transfer day and there was no way for us to get to the library. anyways, good news! i have a car full time now. thats nice. not much new stuff going on for us besides adjusting living with a new person, but he likes things clean like i do (i know shocking) so itll be nice. haha. anyways.thats pretty sweet sister niles husband went to church! i dont think ive even met him. i got the picture of landon, hes lookin good. glad to here it all went well, is there any permanent stuff or is he all fixed up? thanks for writing since everyone else didnt haha. have a good week.

Monday, January 14, 2013


sup pops,

whats up? mt sac huh? is that gonna cover all the bills? haha i assume its a management position but what is it if its not? we currently have one investigator thats not really progressing except that she is reading the book of mormon which is cool. we havent really got to talk to her much about it cause of sickness and shes in the middle of moving. she'll still be in our area though which is cool. most people have been pretty flaky. they say we can teach and they never answer again haha. missionary work is so easy as a non missionary. if you seek the experiences they are everywhere. all you gotta do is watch for opportunities to ask a question about someone elses beliefs then tell them yours when they ask back. ha. so simple in the old days for me. people are complicated when you wear a tie. anyways. no biggie. hows connor doing in basketball? killin it? to bad to hear about bishop eggleston. hope that all works out. love you. keep your head up. E. Your son.

Hey mama,

sleep apnea, idk but i suck at getting to sleep. if i dont take anything it takes forever! melatonin has been a life saver for me. my brain just doesnt shut off. but ive also been told i stop breathing when im sleeping. like enough that i've had to be woken up cause it scared joanna. ha... i'm suprised you just realized that youre old, i guess water skiing doesnt qualify you as young anymore, what has this world come too. good to hear jays baby is ok and well. did he just have blockage in his intestines or what? i was pretty much sick all week and i'm still recovering so we didnt do much most the week, plus its been raining so i figure its not much of a good combo, i lied in dads letter though. we do have another investigator that we taught for a second time last night haha. his baptismal date is set for march 2 actually haha, hopefully that pulls through. it'll just be a matter of him having the courage.he's got good support though cause his wife is a member. not really anything else that has gone on. oh! i'm getting a new companion next week cause E whatcott is getting transferred. i'm kinda sad but excited, and scared cause i dont want anyone sucky or lame. we'll see though. it is what it is. anyways. have a good week. love you all.

Elder kyle dalton



Good to hear the baby is ok. poor thing is gonna have a holiday birthday, what a tragedy haha, i know how it is. oh well, anyways, sorry hunting wasnt anygood. our hunt hasnt been that successful either, life goes on. we keep finding potentials but then they bail on us. its great! poor folks dont know what there missing. i officially hate the phrase "have a blessed day" it drives me nuts. along with other phrases of the south, most of which involving massive amounts of ignorance and false doctrine haha. its all good though. i'm learning some stuff. its wonderful. i talked to the mission presidents wife about getting tested for sleep apnia. apparently i would have to go home to do a sleep study though. pretty lame. we'll see what happens with that. i probably wont be going home however. hope i dont die in this place haha. though theres parts of the south i really enjoy... most of it, eh... haha me and elder whatcott are getting along.thats nice. at least i assume he still likes me who knows. you never can tell now days haha. as for investigators. at the moment theres no solid anything. lots of potential though. glad to hear all is well. have a good week.

Elder Dalton


To be honest I'm not sure what youre looking for with the godhead. With the biology is just clicked how Christ can be him and God at the same time, probably not anything thatll help your lesson, but every human has 46 chromosomes, 23 from mom 23 from dad, Christ is the father because he has his chromosomes, just like I got dads, I'm dad in representation because I'm his DNA just like yours, I'm a dalton no matter what, I take you and dad with me no matter where I go, just like Christ. This probably is very elementary when you get it or here it but it worked for me, it's either easy or I'm rambling with no articulation. It feels good to speak English. Anyways, the best way I think of Gods love is the fact that God sacrificed his son instead of himself. Just like you'd die before you let me die I'm sure God would do the same, making it harder to do, requiring understanding that it had to be done by a mortal and by someone else. Christs love is shown to me by his willing ness to take the pain that wasn't required of him just so he can take care of us and know how it feels to feel alone. And I think his loneliness was the most API ful, but I also think its the most common pain for man. Separation from god wasn't something he expected in my opinion. The holy ghost, the one who lets us know we actually are loved. He's how we know we're forgiven when we sin, separation wise idk if you'll have to explain that much, but I have to remind myself that the greatest testimony of it is the fact that Joseph smith saw them separate. Rid probably doesn't help. But idk what you were looking for so yeah. We haven't had any cool contacts with Christmas to be honest but it was a good conversation starter and people seemed to listen more in general. Glad you enjoyed Christmas. Hope you're better soon. Love you

Hey dad,

I think I have sleep Apnia too. Have you ever taken melatonin? It's natural so you don't have to worry about all that. It works awesome for me. It helps anxiety too when I have my mouth piece in. Just an idea. I'm glad you don't have cancer! That's exciting.good luck hunting, kill a couple for me. Love ya,

Hey Connor, thanks brotha! I'll make sure I try real hard, I miss you too man, love ya tons


Hey hope mom feels better. I haven't had time to write but real quick love you all! And there's a package coming in the mail to our house for Joanna. If you could wrap it and give it to her on Christmas Day not before that would be awesome. She has no idea it exists. But she got a package today from me with all the family's gifts and Christmas cards for you to hand out. Love ya see ya Christmas!