Monday, February 25, 2013


hi family. well it was a good week. got a lot done. found out im getting transferred tomorrow to a place called collins mississippi. apparently its a really small branch with good members so hopefully its all good. im sure it will be. im actually gonna miss this place haha. shocking but true. i wont miss the smell of the paper mill or the brown drinking water but i will miss it. hopefully everything is good at home. we are definately baptizing at least one person on saturday. her names dani we've been teaching her for like a month or two. but shes ready to go. the other guy is kinda unsure but we are hoping he pulls through by saturday. of course i wont be here but its cool that they are going for it anyways. well not much else to talk about so have a good week. hopefully i get a letter from you guys some day. haha love you all. bye

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