Tuesday, February 19, 2013


hey dad glad the kidney stone is gone! i dont envy you but congratulations on that. are you excercising or is it cause your not healthy from the stone and stuff. either way cool. haha. i recomment insanity. actually you would probably die doing it haha. its sucky. i am getting stonger and more fit though because of it. its been hard though cause for some reason it seems like everyones been wanting to take us out to eat a bunch everyweek. its a blessing and a curse. anyways. wish i could be there for the blessing. life goes on. idk who the redds are i dont think. but cool. was the whole family there? we have 3 baptisms planned for the second but idk if everyones gonna make it that day. we got some distance to go unless some miracles happen. we'll see. love you have a good week.

hi mom.

thanks for doing that for me on vday. thanks to katie too. i really appreciate it. she is pretty great. i hope you didnt spend to much money though cause i'm broke. haha. unless you were planning on helping out ;) i love you! I'm excited for joanna. she seems like shes focused and happy. its awesome. makes me happy. anyways. this week was really good. taught some new and old investigators and i found out that something i said to an investigator has been tugging at his heart for a little while from the other missionaries. its cool to know. im outta time cause the library is about to close but basically good week. and we saw a girl get blown up, not hurt dont worry. elder flint ate it hard mt biking, it was awesome. and thats pretty much it. love you have a good week

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