Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly letter #2

September 24, 2012

your letter was weak people. I got all of my stuff. the clothes and all that. thanks. im in west monroe Louisiana its not that big of a deal. its like the whitest area i could have been in pretty much. its kinda like a small town in california but with a lot more trailers. the people are pretty cool so far. whenever we tract we are able to teach a least a little and give out a solid bom or two. pretty cool. the ward is small but nice for the most part. a couple of wierdy people but not to bad. the bishop is a little rough but no big deal. so far no baptisms. whatevs, haha i hate waiting for mail sooo bad haha. its the most annoying thing haha. anyways. hopefully the pictures go through i tried to send a bunch but it wasnt working. this will have to do for now. maybe i'll try again later. everything is good. very green here which is nice. the humidity hasnt been bad at all lately so thats nice.
connor dont listen to brother twigg haha go outside.
love you all, Elder Dalton

MTC Roomies?

With his bro. Jarin Remington in the MTC

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekly letter #1 in field

September 19, 2012

hey family, So i didnt get to write you on monday or tuesday so here it is. so far so good. i gave out my first passalong card to a lady at the mississippi airport. It was awesome! she was really nice to us when we would see her and we kept kind of running into her and i started noticing her looking at us a lot whenever we werent near her. so when we were about to leave i finally realized that we needed to talk to her. but she was leaving too. so i chased her down and said "excuse me miss" and she turned around with the biggest smile. and i just said can i give you something, she said yes with excitement. and i showed her the card and just said, this is a card with the number for a free Book of Mormon, this book has changed my life and i can see how awesome you are so i want you to have one too, its changed my life and i know it can change yours, its where my happiness comes from. it was awesome cause as i was talking she kept saying oh lord and Oh God and Thank you Jesus and stuff! very southern haha, but so sweet. then she hugged me and i accidently hugged her and she told me to put down my name and number cause she was gonna call for a book and she wants to hear more from me. im pretty pumped that, that happened. who knows if she will really call but i know in that moment we were spiritually connected. so dope. so after i went to my president and i was like, so, i accidently hugged her.... sorry haha. i wasnt though. oh well. he said oh the hoptitality of the south as if she was just being nice, which was kinda annoying, but i know he was wrong so its all good. theres a reason the spirit had me target her out of the bunch of people she was with. super cool. anyways. my trainers name is Elder Whatcott. hes a pretty cool dude so far. really relaxed. he just got done with a trunky elder so im gonna have to push him a little i think but he said he is ready to get back on the ball. so i dont think we'll have anyproblems there. anywho. gotta go.

love Elder Dalton

Katie, its all good no worries. thanks for writing me. glad you had a fun birthday. and thanks for the compliment of me being a good example. it made me happy. even though im not really that cool. Glad everything is good. keep it that way.

Connor. Good job man keep it up! Go outside haha

ps i need grandmas email cause my president said i can email any family member not just you. forward this one though. idk if the picture worked last time so i sent it again.

Calling from the airport Monday!

September 15, 2012

So i will be calling the house on monday while i am waiting in the airport. Itll probably be between 10 and 12 am. probably 11ish so if you want to talk to me i will be calling the house then. my phone card only is free on the first call i think so be there. i hope i get to talk to you. in case you were wondering it would be cool if joanna was there. i'll reply to your letter on monday or whenever pday is cause i shouldnt reply to it now.

love you guys.
Elder Dalton

MTC Week #3

September 10, 2012

Hola familia!

Glad to here you are all doing well. I strangely miss you. don't worry im not home sick or anything. my keyboard sucks so excuse my grammar. It was good to get a letter from you and dad. I sent a letter to katie saying happy birthday but idk if it got there in time or what. so anyways.

Dad. Hunting sounds pretty good right now. I think we are just never meant to max out birds. sounds like fun though. where is ripley? hows the job search?

Mom, Im glad youre doing well. good to hear that youre figuring out that you are a good person. i realized the other day how faithful you are. the fact that you went a hundred years without an answer of prayer is pretty crazy. i hope it doesnt take me that long to get an answer. that has become my new struggle. since i have never had that it has been bothering me with all the talk of being your first convert and stuff here. i already know its all true but its annoying. once again i am involved in a waiting game. but at least its just me and God instead of me and a bunch of others and God. I think im finally learning happy diligent patiences instead of just cause i have to patience. thats probably the biggest lesson i have learned so far. my humility level has improved by a 100% also which is good. Thanks for the wolf thing by the way. it came at a very good time. i liked it a lot. i am actually freaking pumped about missionary work cause last night we watched a talk by elder holland in the mtc a while back called missions are forever. watch it. its awesome. he got me all excited to be a missionary and be obedient. he is definitely my favorite. the way he speaks is exactly how i need it every time.

Katie. hope youre doing well. happy birthday.

connor. read your scriptures and go outside. hope youre doing well also.

this week has been pretty good. ive learned a lot and the mach lessons are going pretty well. my teachers are so dope! one of them is like a magician of dissernment or however you spell it. last week when i was feeling proud on the inside even though i wasnt showing it on the outside he pulled me into a room by ourselves and said that the district looks up to me and that even though he doesnt know my story or what ive been through that he Felt to tell me that God was proud of me and he loves me. That was pretty awesome. Than he said he felt that he should ask since i was an example to the other guys. "how do you want to be remembered?" and that was it. it was awesome and it made me decide that im just gonna give in to being a leader cause i apparently cant escape it. even though i hate the idea of having to be a role model. but it was very humbling and it meant a lot that God would Have him tell me that. than the other day when i was struggling with the answer thing and he had no idea about it he walk by when he was leaving and said , "itll come elder dalton, itll come" and i thought he talked to my other teacher so i asked cause i had talked to the other one and he said no. and i was just like your good buddy. how does he do that? so dope. anyways im almost out of time. so please remind everyone that i leave for MS next monday so to send anything to there after wed. especially joanna please. now for the list of goods i need sent to ms.

my bike if you havent. you can take it to the shop and ill just pay to have them ship it. or whatever.
i need

4-5 shirts for exercise or work. this could turn to a service mission.
normal shoes but i think i told you which ones already. the gray slip ons with the swade laces.
my grayish black pants with the skulls on the tag?
socks would be good. normal gold toe.
i think thats all. ill let you know next week on anything else.

Love you guys,

Elder Dalton

MTC Week #2

August 1, 2012

Hey Family!

The MTC is pretty dope, now that I decided that it is dope.  I am learning a lot, and relearning quite a bit about myself and how I deal with the pride cycle.  I thought it would be hard taking orders from a 19 yr old and I was right.  The spirit here is super strong though luckily.  My obedience has been a little here and there but not anymore.  I decided last night that I am not gonna be a drifting missionary.  I already know that but I was being stupid in my head so as usual I had to tell myself to shut up,  and tell satan to suck it.  Anyways.  My attitude is much better today and I am here to be obedient to whom ever, but especially Heavenly Father.  I know how to be humble so I just had to kick myself yesterday.  My roommates are pretty awesome.  I like of three of them, one being my companion.  Elder Loftin is his name.  Pretty happy even though he's young, he can take a solid joke and he's not a little wieny kid.  Big win there.  Well I love it here,  everything is good.  I love how much extra revelation comes for no reason that I can think of, other than being called of God of course.  It's pretty sweet.  Anyways.  I sent a letter with two checks, one for tithing and one for fast offering, so if you don't get those in the next week there is a problem.  But I love you all.  Please send this to Grandma so she doesn't show up at the MTC to kill me, and have a great week.  Hope all is well.

Love Elder Kyle James Dalton

MTC Week #1

August 29, 2012

Dear Familia,
     I am writing to let you know I am ok!  I have been urged to do so, so there it is.  Now that I have done that and I am already writing, I might as well tell you that the MTC is awesome.  I was made senior companion today (not that it matters cause we switch half way through) but it's cool.  The spirit is very strong here, I have learned a lot already in my personal study and what not, and the workshops and things are amazingly educational.  I love the extra eye openings that Heavenly Father gives me.  So I'm enjoying it.  Anyways, I could use some stamps.  They are really expensive, haha.  If I could get some regular shoes sent that would be awesome.  Preferably the grey ones that look like slip ons with laces.  (They may have been on the living room floor when I left. :-) ) J/K I need socks too, regular socks, my goldtoe ankles would be fine, and a few regular shirts if you got them from my not nice stash.  Anyway, I love you all!
Elder Dalton