Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday 11/13/12

ello family,

well another eventful week, kinda. Amanda, the woman that we baptized is taking huge leaps now that shes baptized and has been definately becoming a brighter person with the love of christ in her heart. thats probably the coolest thing thats been happening this week. she's all excited about everything! haha its pretty sweet. much better than before her baptism. very cool. I havent figured out yet what i am supposed to learn from my experience with her yet but i'll let you know when i figure it out. all i know is that its fun to watch and to talk to her about the change thats come. when is the baby due for kristen? we share a car in our area so we have a bike every other week and a car every other week. my bike is currently broken however so we are walking. till tomorrow when we get the car back. we switch at the district meeting every wednesday. when it comes to voting i didnt get to cause i didnt have an absontee ballot but we are allowed to. pretty bummed how it turned out. everyone around here is pretty bummed too. people are pretty political out here. if they studied their religions as much as they watched fox news it would be a lot easier to teach them. instead they just listen to whatever their preachers say and thats it. they say they are saved by grace but it doesnt seem that their faith in Jesus Christ is worth much because most of them dont believe in revelation. its interesting how they think they can get answers to there prayers but not recieve revelation. its all take and take out here, not much give. pretty crazy. idk if that made sense. its just like the scriptures say. lots of religions counting on the interpretations of man instead of what the spirit can teach us. whatever. everything with our other investigators is moving along pretty smoothly. bumps but progression. there arent many who dont get a little taste of anti out here. but its all good. as long as they let us answer their questions it seems to turn out ok. studying is 100% my favorite thing out here even though its a little selfish. but really its for everyone so whatever haha. I have no idea what i could want for christmas. everything has to do with guns or music, out here. i could use an ipod player/ clock radio thing for our apartment. that would be nice. and if its full of josh groban and adrea boccili that would be good too. we have one of the josh groban cds though so make sure you ask which one before you buy any if you decide to do that. other than that there isnt much i could use. maybe some layrite palmade haha. if you could send me some money i could buy a gun and ship it home =) its a lot cheaper here for everything! and its legal to buy haha. anyways. idk much about the pictures i sent and the format. i just send them as they come. they worked for joanna so maybe you can see how that works. i wrote kenny a letter yesterday by the way. so he should be getting it by thursday or so. maybe longer. idk. its hard to write people when theres so much to do on mondays especially when we dont have a car. but its on the way for him.


Nice work on the spanish test! alright water polo... something you have to figure out is the ability of each one of your teammates. so my advice throw it so your pass is always catchable but with speed. people gotta learn how to catch! but, adjust your speed to each player. in practice throw it fast enough that it pushes them to have to try harder and it will get them ready for a game situation. but keep it reasonable for them. a good player will make it so the team has to rise with them. but you gotta push them at a reasonable rate. thats all. idk how else to explain it. push them. but dont make them feel stupid. you play in a game how you practice. if your practices are fast your games will be better. speed speed speed. power. lobs are for sissies. thats cool that your friends are coming up to you. dont be scared to invite them to things. more will probably say yes than you think. keep up the good work.

Love you all, Elder Dalton

Monday 11/5/2012

howdy, i am in an apartment. its great not having to worry about anyone but yourself. haha. its nice to go home and not have to worry about being polite to someone. anyways. good luck with the extra missionaries haha. idk how we are going to be affected yet but i'm sure we will be getting a ton. the south needs it. everyone thinks we are going to hell. its to bad they dont know hell is before the judgement. here ive learned ignorance is ignorance. theres no bliss to it haha. its sad to see how closed off people are to truth because they are taught to fear it. if they would open there ears and eyes they would be much better off. ive realized that truth actually opens you up. its wierd, cause you'd think the more you know the more you would close off from learning about others religion. but i have no problem listening and trying to understand them. but people here refuse to try and understand us down here haha. its all good though. it makes it sweeter when we find people with a heart and a brain. make sure you dont hurt any of my stuff if you are moving haha. i dont have much to my name but whats left, i need for happiness, my surf boards especially. so be gentle. as for your missionary experience. if you pray for them itll happen, thats for sure. dont worry to much about it being perfect though. tell katie i got her letter in the mail by the way. so this parts for her. in math, if you struggle with the why. dont, just realize its how its done and it doesnt matter why as long as you get the right answer in the end. haha. find one way that works and dont try to learn all of the ways. spanish, practice writing words down. thats all you can do. write write write, dont look and write some more. thats what i did in anatomy.thats all i got for you. you should also see if joanna could help you out. shes good at spanish even though she acts like shes not haha. shes pretty busy but it would be worth a shot. get help. being sucky at school is just how it goes. find a way to deal with it. dont procrastinate. take good notes. enjoy waterpolo. release your aggression there so you can focus on your hw later. im thinking about playing when i get home, since i'll have more time hopefully cause i dont think i want to be a doctor anymore. but yeah thats what i got. glad youre liking dance. one more thing. if you think that schools not hard than its not. thoughts are the seeds of action. if you think its gonna be easy it will be. good luck haha love ya. back to everyone else/mom, we had our first baptism yesterday. pretty cool. amanda got baptized. that was nice. susan is still a working progress, shes awesome though. its fun to see her progress. we had a way cool experience this last week with her that i dont feel like typing but it was dope. the spirit was super strong. have a good week. love you.


sucks being fat huh? haha im feelin it too. the food is killing me here. i havent gained a lot of weight but i am definately slower. and thats with working out. why does elder smart want them seen? just to say hi or cause they are inactive. its not my area but its in my district. i'll ask the other missionaries about them. as for being watched. amen brother. people are like hawks. our ward likes us but there is a way high standard for everything. people think we are the fix it crew too. not so but we help where we can. theres a little hipocracy if you ask me. as i understand it. at baptism we all become representatives of Christ. but i get what youre saying haha. anyways. i'm working on figuring out the balance of a follower of Christ. all in due time hopefully. have a good week. love ya

Tuesday 10/28/2012

Good to hear you got a job either way right now. Don't be scared to ask for a raise haha. Glad the truck is running I figured it was the battery. This week was pretty good, Sunday we had 3 of 5 investigators show up, one that wasn't there had a good excuse and is solid though. Our first baptism is this Sunday, her names Amanda, middle aged lady, real cool. So that's exciting. She was pretty prepared when we got to her, she has a friend in our ward that introduced us to her. Sweet. Anyways not much else new this week, same old stuff. Mostly teaching investigators which is nice. Most of them are moving right along, they mostly have baptismal dates but I don't want to count on them to much with how much crap we see going on with a lot of them, Satan is such a you know what. Haha  Good luck on your surgery mom, it's time to get that fixed ha, I'm doing pretty good at getting cleaner. The dishes are done right now and we aren't even home haha, trying to stick to the rule that dad talked about with the dishes. It's easier for me to focus when I study when the place is clean. I even make my bed and fold my laundry haha. So it's good. As for connors question, I haven't got to use the technique cause everyone is white where I am haha, total bummer. Have a good week people!