Tuesday, March 26, 2013



I heard that rancho was making a mission. thats pretty cool. good to hear your baptism happened. especially good to hear the your missionaries are still working. i wish i could train. it would give me more reason to work hard. its hard sometimes. haha. things are going really good here though. we've got baptisms just showing up. im trying to figure out how to handle all the people we are teaching and need to teach while finding still. its hard in our area cause its sooo huge and spread out. i havent mastered it yet but i think we are closer to figuring out how we want to attack it all. twill be interesting. we have zone conference this month on the 26th so im hoping for a general authority. it always feels good to get rebuked. haha. i need to work on creating relationships myself. i've lost some of it in the business side. any new advice? glad to hear your still working. i know why you are. When did jordan get home? i knew he was due but when was it. as for me. the coolest thing thats happened lately. we were teaching a new member with her inactive family. and she has a schitzophrenic uncle that never talks. and we were teaching her having a hard time explaining what a testimony is, shes ten. and all the sudden her uncle started asking her directive questions explaining what a testimony is. haha it was pretty awesome. weve never heard him do more than mumble before, but he was clear as day. pretty awesome. love ya. have a good week.

E. Dalton

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