Tuesday, March 26, 2013


dude that kids awesome! little fridge child. it is wierd how old the little ones are getting haha. i dont like it really. my new area is extremely flat. a crap ton of trees and ponds which is both cool and not cool cause theres no distance anywhere. its like living in a box sometimes. the branch is pretty awesome though. lots going on it it and the testimonies of the people who go are very stong for the most part. they are growing so its good. this week the most mentionable thing was that i had the most gross dinner ive had yet on my mission. so nasty. just thinking about it kinda clouds all my other experiences. haha. the coolest thing i guess that happened was on tuesday. we taught a lady the plan of salvation. our second time meeting with her. she kept all her commmitments from the first time by reading the bom a pamphlet and she watched the restoration dvd. she told us she knew it was true and that joseph smith really had the first vision. so awesome. so naturallywe offer baptism.... not cool. she knew it was true but she said she grew up in her pentecostal church and has been rooted there and cannot be uprooted cause she loves it and her pastor. naturally this is saddening. we pretty much told her everything we could but she said she probably doesnt want to learn more for now. so heres the cool part. i was like "ok, so i have to say this cause its my job to bring you closer to Christ and if i dont i'll be leaving you without giving you a full chance. so, you fully understand and realize that you are following satan and a man instead of following Jesus Christ knowing that these things are true?" and she went back into her preacher being so great and all that crap. so we are gonna give her some time and bring some members over there and hopefully she will be able to slowly transistion in. it was just cool to say something so blunt, super sad though that even that didnt work. hopefully its stewing in her soul right now. haha. other than that. we have zone conference starting tomorrow and wednesday. not much else going on. oh we have a baptism this week too on saturday.
love you all.
E. Kyle Dalton

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