Tuesday, March 26, 2013


hello family,

dude coach reiter! i miss that guy. is he still coaching the waterpolo team. howd katie do in her meet. good job with the gym. i've stilll been doing insantity and p90x . i messed up my back last night stretching. something well outta place. i felt it haha. its a little better today after insanity so thats good though. katie driving is a scary thought. she bettter drive my truck to keep her out of trouble. theres no where to make out in that thing haha. why do you drive to lugo 4 times everyday? that seems a little excessive. ha.  thats crazy that so many daltons are getting married all at once.  have fun with youth conference. not much has been going on with me. my comp is still cool haha. we've gotten some new investigators this week that should be solid if they take the steps. for some reason it seems like people will be completely in and believe it all and know what it means, but once you ask them to move you can see there high excitement drop from their faces haha. action is not a requirement out here for most churches. oh well, we'll see. we still have a few baptisms coming up soon. probably in the next month we could have 7. if everything goes how it should. maybe more. i think me and my pres are doing ok. haha i havent talked to him in awhile so who knows. it doesnt matter either way. i'm trying to be more obedient so it'll work out either way. i could go for some pinapple upsidown cake right about now. i havent made anything interesting lately. i've been eating a lot of salmon for lunches. i'm excited for saturday cause a lady in our ward is gonna make us chicken and waffles. mmhmm. the foods been pretty good so far. theres some sketchy places we eat at but its all good. i havent gotten sick yet cause i believe in Jesus so its all good. prayer works ha. linger longers are always a good idea. people show up when there's food. its sad. but true. oh, dad. if you dont mind moving to mississippi, i may have found you a job. haha. probably a good one too. my branch president is in industrial building. i told him about you. just saying. well have a good week everyone. good to hear from you. love you all

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