Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3/11/13 New Mission Address

hey mom,

the lairds can email me. our mission president just changed the rules so we can email anyone thats not in our mission boundaries. kyle.dalton@myldsmail.net  whats the youth conference gonna be? so you destroyed yourself at the gym huh? haha. you should make sure you stretch definately. i've been doing insanity and p90x so ive been getting pretty flexible compared to how i was. its great haha. the videos always make you stretch before and after the work out. good luck giving out the bom. its fun. theres a lot more adrenaline to it when you arent a missionary and used to doing it. haha. good luck. love you mama. read dads email to get the rest.

The Mission address has changed to:
Elder Kyle Dalton
175 Burnham Road
Brandon, MS 39208


how are ya? being good? becoming athletic? getting good grades? respect yourself! love you

connor, love you man. miss you. go outside and scrape your knees. dont get soft on me.

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